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Malazan Moments


As per my review, I absolutely love Malazan Book of the Fallen. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite moments throughout the series. Huge spoilers, of course.

Gardens of the Moon

Deadhouse Gates

Memories of Ice

House of Chains

Midnight Tides

The Bonehunters

‘Shadowthrone,’ he murmured, ‘I require your attention.’ The murky image of the Shadow House remained singularly lifeless on the lacquered card. ‘All right,’ Paran said, ‘I’ll revise my wording. Shadowthrone, talk to me here and now or everything you’ve done and everything you’re planning to do will get, quite literally, torn to pieces.’ A shimmer, further obscuring the House, then something like a vague figure, seated on a black throne. A voice hissed out at him, ‘This had better be important. I’m busy and besides, even the idea of a Master of the Deck nauseates me, so get on with it.’ ‘The Deragoth are about to be released, Shadowthrone.’ Obvious agitation. ‘What gnat-brained idiot would do that?’ ‘Can’t be helped, I’m afraid—’ ‘You!’ ‘Look, I have my reasons, and they will be found in Seven Cities.’ ‘Oh,’ the figure settled back down, those reasons. Well, yes. Clever, even. But still profoundly stupid.’ ‘Shadowthrone,’ Paran said, ‘the two Hounds of Shadow that Rake killed. The two taken by Dragnipur.’ ‘What about them?’ ‘I’m not sure how much you know, but I freed them from the sword.’ He waited for another bout of histrionics, but…nothing. ‘Ah, so you know that. Good. Well, I have discovered where they went…here, where they conjoined with their counterparts, and were then freed – no, not me. Now, I understand that they have since been killed. For good, this time.’ Shadowthrone raised a long-fingered hand that filled most of the card. Closed it into a fist. ‘Let me see,’ the god’s voice purred, ‘if I understand you.’ One finger snapped upward. ‘The Nameless Idiots go and release Dejim Nebrahl. Why? Because they’re idiots. Their own lies caught up with them, so they needed to get rid of a servant who was doing what they wanted him to do in the first place, only doing it too well!’ Shadowthrone’s voice was steadily climbing in pitch and volume. A second finger shot into view. ‘Then, you, the Master Idiot of the Deck of Dragons, decide to release the Deragoth, to get rid of Dejim Nebrahl. But wait, even better!’ A third finger. ‘Some other serious nasty wandering Seven Cities just killed two Deragoth, and maybe that nasty is still close by, and would like a few more trophies to drag behind his damned horse!’ His voice was now a shriek. ‘And now! Now!’ The hand closed back into a fist, shaking about. ‘You want me to send the Hounds of Shadow to Seven Cities! Because it’s finally occurred to that worm-ridden walnut you call a brain that the Deragoth won’t bother with Dejim Nebrahl until they find my Hounds! And if they come looking here in my realm, there’ll be no stopping them!’ He halted suddenly, the fist motionless. Then various fingers sprang into view in an increasingly chaotic pattern. Shadowthrone snarled and the frenzied hand vanished. A whisper: ‘Pure genius. Why didn’t I think of that?’ The tone began rising once more. ‘Why? Because I’m not an idiot!!’ With that the god’s presence winked out. Paran grunted, then said, ‘You never told me if you were going to send the Hounds of Shadow to Seven Cities.’ He thought then that he heard a faint scream of frustration, but perhaps it was only imagined. Paran returned the card to the deck, put it back into an inside pocket, and slowly straightened. ‘Well,’ he sighed, ‘that wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it’d be’

Reapers Gale

Toll the Hounds

Dust of Dreams

The Crippled God

And now the page before us blurs. And age is done. The book must close. We are abandoned to history. Raise high one more time the tattered standard of the Fallen. See through the drifting smoke to the dark stains upon the fabric. This is the blood of our lives, this is the payment of our deeds, all soon to be forgotten. We were never what people could be. We were only what we were. Remember us.