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Biomimetic Robot Design


This blog is where I'll document my progress in making a low-cost, dog-like robot. It is inspired by projects such as Stanford's Doggo, MIT's Cheetah and Simon Kalouche's GOAT, all being excellent examples of quadrupedal robots capable of some pretty incredible mobility and control. My preliminary goals for this robot are:

  1. Be affordable: cost less than $2000 to make
  2. Be relatively performant: fully omni-directional control is not necessary, but being relatively similar to an actual dog in terms of agility and maneuverability would be a plus, from both a controls and mechanical design perspective

Documenting My Work

The goal is to document the research, decisions and progress I make on this robot in an informal way. I won't be writing it like a thesis paper, with everything properly cited, etc. , but I'll try to add links and explainations to make things clear. There will also be all the math and code for the mechanical, electrical and software design (which will also all be available on GitHub as well) I'll add a running list of links at the bottom of this page every time I make a new entry.


2019-08-24 Intro to Biomimetics